The messaging app Telegram has unveiled a number of new features aimed at boosting channels and taking on competitor service WhatsApp, according to a recent TechCrunch article. The changes enable channel owners to assess performance, make better customizations, and even expand their viewership.

Telegram’s channels function similarly to WhatsApp’s recently released Communities feature. Telegram was launched in September. Both enable message broadcasting to an infinite number of followers. In an effort to encourage the construction of channels and draw in more users, Telegram has released capabilities tailored to individual channels.

Based on their interests and activity, new discovery technologies link users to possible channel subscriptions. Furthermore, premium subscribers can now “boost” any channel to access enhanced features.

Ephemeral story publishing and post-level analytics access, including story views, reactions, and shares across time, are some of these features. Personalized emoji reactions can be added by Telegram channels according to their level of boost.

Will owners be able to better understand audience engagement with Telegram’s new offering?
By addressing the shortcomings in Telegram’s prior channel offers, the features let the owners gain a deeper understanding of audience participation. Additionally, they offer growth incentives such as Telegram Premium subscriptions and gift giveaways.

Experts believe that WhatsApp’s quick expansion in Channels is the reason behind the upgrades. More than 500 million people use WhatsApp Channels every month, which is more than half of Telegram’s user base, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement last month.

Telegram launched more capabilities in addition to channels, such as code block formatting, two-sided backgrounds, voice message transcriptions, and an enhanced Topics view in groups.

It’s unclear if Telegram will be able to overtake WhatsApp in terms of dominance with the new channel features. But there’s no indication that the rivals’ message war will end soon.

By Manali