Alibaba’s executives wanted to attract prominent investors to buy stakes in its cloud division with the goal of separating it into an independent entity worth $40 billion. It was important to demonstrate the market appeal of the cloud division through external investment before going public. This strategic move was designed to increase investor confidence in Alibaba’s cloud division and its growth and profitability potential, and highlight the company’s competitive position on the global cloud market. Alibaba also hoped that by attracting high-level investors, it would increase its valuation, and improve the credibility and brand of its cloud division as it began its journey as a separate enterprise.

The plan was abandoned because investors did not agree with the valuation suggested due to the cloud division’s lackluster growth and financial setbacks, even though Alibaba was China’s leading company in this area. Despite the challenges, the company is optimistic about its future and continues to look for other funding sources or strategic partners. To ensure long-term success of the cloud unit and to change investor perceptions, the company has placed a greater emphasis on innovation and exploring potential new markets.

Valuation discrepancies

As a source familiar with the mentioned negotiations, an international investment firm estimated that the cloud division was worth less than $25 billion. Other analysts, however, have placed a much higher value on the cloud division, some even reaching as high as $35 billion. These valuations are subject to significant differences, which can have a major impact on future negotiations and deals in the industry.

Alibaba’s executives were shown by this situation that the market may not be in favor of a spinoff for the cloud division. This led to the decision made last week to cancel the separation. This decision also shows that the company is aware of the risks and uncertainty associated with pursuing the spin-off at this point.

Alibaba will instead continue to integrate and strengthen its cloud services into its existing business structure in order to ensure stability and growth within the ever-changing market landscape. The company’s willingness to open up new markets and explore innovative approaches will lay the foundation for its success, and eventually change investors’ perception.

Alibaba Cloud: Key growth drivers

Alibaba’s cloud strategy will be successful if it expands its product and service offering, establishes strategic partnerships and secures a dominant position in the market. Alibaba has many opportunities to take advantage of the rapid growth in the digital economy. Alibaba can use its proprietary technologies and expertise in order to develop and create innovative cloud solutions for various industries and clients.

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